Signing Status

With a lot of signings in progress or planned, we thought it best to create this one-stop page with current state for them all.

We try our best to keep everyone up to date with any changes or completions!

🟢 = signed and shipped

🟡 = last handful of items awaiting Beckett and/or shipping

🟠 = signed and being processed

⚪ = deadline passed and awaiting signing

❗ = Please be aware of unusual changes

Last updated Feb 25th

Guest  Status
🟢 Lin Shaye
Items shipped.
🟢 Clive Barker Items shipped.
🟢 Andi Matichak
Items shipped.
🟢 Shawnee Smith Items shipped.
🟢 Tobin Bell Items shipped.
🟢 Linda Hamilton Items shipped.
🟢 Dermot Mulroney Items shipped.
🟢 Kristanna Loken Items shipped.
🟢 Michael Biehn Items shipped.
🟢 Heather Langenkamp Items shipped.
🟢 Ozzy Items shipped.
🟢 David Arquette Items shipped.
🟠  Nicolas Cage Signing complete. Shipped 1st, 2nd & 3rd batches of CA returns. Awaiting remaining items. If you haven't received a shipping email, your item will be in that last batch. This includes all rolled posters.
⚪ Kevin Bacon Orders closed. Awaiting signing by CA
🟢 Rohan Campbell Items shipped.
⚪ Nick Castle Orders closed. Awaiting signing date