Signing Status

With a lot of signings in progress or planned, we thought it best to create this one-stop page with current state for them all.

We try our best to keep everyone up to date with any changes or completions!

🟢 = signed and shipped

🟡 = last handful of items awaiting Beckett and/or shipping

🟠 = signed and being processed

⚪ = deadline passed and awaiting signing

❗ = Please be aware of unusual changes

Last updated June 5th

Guest  Status
🟢 Kimberley Beck
Items shipped.
🟢 Amie Donald
Items shipped.
🟢 Violet McGraw
Items shipped.
🟢 Neve Campbell
Items shipped.
🟡 François Petit
Signing complete. Non BAS items shipped. Processing items for Chris’ signing and BAS. 
🟢 Rachael True
Items shipped.
🟢 Fairuza Balk
Items shipped.
🟢 Robin Tunney
Items shipped.
⚪ Chris Casamassa
Deadline passed. Awaiting signing
⚪ Lin Shaye
Deadline passed. Awaiting a signing date
⚪ Clive Barker
Deadline passed. Preparing for signing