1. What are your fees?

We charge $10 per autograph on top of what the guest charges with the exception of some of the higher profile guests where we charge $20 due to the length of time in line and amount of effort involved to get their autograph. We also have a single $10 send in fee per item you send us to get signed. If you’re getting multiple autographs on one item, you only pay this send in fee once. The price you see on our website for each guest includes our consignment fee.


  1. How do we send our items in to you?

When you have placed your order, we will get in touch with you with our mailing address. Please ensure all items are suitable packed to protect them during shipping. Use sturdy boxes and poster tubes and ALWAYS pad out each end of any poster tubes to prevent your items hitting the ends and being damaged. Tissue paper and bubble wrap are suitable padding we suggest. We are not responsible for any damage or loss done during shipping to us, or back to you; please pack your items carefully and securely. If it's valuable, pack it well.

Please label your item with your name and order number and show where you'd like it signing.


  1. Do you offer a COA?

We are officially partnered with Beckett Authentication Services and so can offer their COA at a reduced price. We do not offer our own COA. Where allowed, we do take and provide you with a photo of the Guest signing your item.

PLEASE NOTE: Beckett are very strict on their COAs and as such, if you are sending a multi-signed piece, they will only authenticate all the autographs or none at all; not just the autograph we got on your behalf. This is Beckett’s policy, not ours and as such we must price accordingly:

1-4 Autographs per piece = $10 each

5-20 Autographs per piece = Flat $75 fee


  1. I’ve made two separate orders for autographs on the same item so have been charged shipping twice?

Shipping and fees are automatically added at checkout. If possible, message us prior to ordering so we can give you a coupon to remove the shipping from your second order. If that’s not possible, we will refund any excess shipping.


  1. I’ve ordered for a Guest and they have cancelled their appearance. What happens now?

Unfortunately, guests do cancel their appearances. If this occurs and orders have been placed, we will notify customers as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary shipping and all fees will be refunded. If a consignment has already been posted to us, we will liaise with the customer to organize return postage or move their order to a future event the Guest is scheduled to attend.


  1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering consignments for our customers all over the World. We also accept send ins too!