How to Send In Items to Us

We often get questions regarding how to send in your personal items for signing so have created this handy guide to help.

If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! 

1. PREAUTHORIZE ALL SEND IN ITEMS - some of our signings now have restrictions so we do not want you to send something unnecessarily.

2. UPLOAD A PHOTO OF YOUR ITEM TO YOUR ORDER FORM - helps to ensure we have a record of all items sent to us

3. MAILING ADDRESS - all items need to be mailed to YOUR NAME c/o CPA Authentics.

4. INCLUDE THE QR CODE - all orders receive a secondary email with a QR code. Please include that in your package to us as it allows us to send an email receipt of your item.

5. LABELLING YOUR ITEM - we have taken the time to create instructions below showing how to label your item. A loose piece of paper or a print of your order does not count nor does sticking labels to toploaders. Items that arrive not following these rules will be signed just Signature Only.

6. DIRECT SHIP items - we are happy to accept direct ship items however orders on our website must be placed AFTER the item is purchased and the shipping tracking # added as a note to the order when checking out. DO NOT message us the tracking number - Facebook names and order names often do not match up.

By placing orders with us, you agree to these rules as part of the ordering process so please help us reduce our wasted time and effort and allow us to continue bringing more and more amazing opportunities to you all!

Thank you!!

Labelling Your Items:

We request that you label all your items with the following information:

FRONT OF ITEM: signers' name, any requests (personalizations or character names), pen color and location.



REAR OF ITEM: your name, order number and whether Beckett COA is required


Sending In Flat Items

Items include but not limited to:

  • Photos
  • Flat Posters
Recommended items:
    • Plastic Toploader
    • 2 pieces of cardboard
    • Rigid mailer

Insert your item into the toploader and sandwich between the cardboard. Insert into the rigid mailer.


Sending In Rolled Posters or Artwork

We receive a lot of rolled posters that get damaged during shipping so we recommend this process to best protect your item.

Recommended items:

    • Wrapping brown paper
    • Mailing tube (if possible, double tube your poster for ultimate protection - place your tube within a tube)
    • Kitchen tissue

Roll your poster in the brown wrapping paper. Make sure the brown paper is significantly longer to protect the edges of the poster. Insert balled kitchen tissue into each end of the tube to further protect the poster. If the poster is significantly shorter than the rube, add a lot of tissue to prevent your poster moving up and down in the tube during transit.