Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hi All!

Welcome to our first Blog!

A little introduction; CPA Authentics are run by a Husband and Wife team, Chris and Pip who, whilst building their own autograph collection, want to help you build yours.

We have been running for 10 months now and have worked very hard attending 16 conventions in that time, obtaining over 1000 autographs on behalf of our customers.

Check out our new "Show and Tell" section for examples of pieces we have done for our customers.

March was pretty chaotic for us, where we attended Monster Mania and HorrorHound on back to back weekends, then moved house. We got some awesome items signed for everyone and completed a Private Signing with Neve Cambell, very late on the Friday at HorrorHound.


April is a quiet month for us, convention-wise, with just the Twin Peaks reunion that took place at Dallas Comic Show but we had a couple of awesome cast pieces to add to as well as our own pre-signed Kyle MacLachlan 11" x 14" photo that we added Sheryl Lee to.



Looking forward to a very busy May with us covering 4 conventions (2 in the same weekend) and a Private Signing with Trick r Treat's Quinn Lord; who seems to be a very popular Guest.

Thanks all!

Chris and Pip

CPA Authentics


  • Roger

    You guys are absolutely awesome,thank you so much for making my collection grow and grow for the past year ..


    Ordered consignments atd all items and signatures were perfect as wanted. Plus got other items from them with awesome results… Pip Pip Hurray!!!

  • Charles Crane

    You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work

  • Adam

    You guys are doing great. Glad I found you.

  • Vader

    You guys are absolutely class!

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